NEW CONSTRUCTION – LA JOLLA       Luxe Magazine: RED Award for Contemporary Interior Design 2018, ASID Design Excellence Award 2018

"Mark / Anita: Spending two months in Can Deus confirms you both are genius.  It is lovely.  The design just makes me happy. Thank you, T"

NEW CONSTRUCTION – SANTALUZ      San Diego Home/Garden: Home of the Year 2016, ASID Design Impact Award 2016

"I initially hired Anita to help me with material and furniture selections for a new home that I was building. I was excited to find someone who was so easy to work with – so energetic, so many great ideas, someone who not only shared our vision, but could take it so much further. I can't imagine what I would have done without Anita and her team. The home had many challenges including an organic modern style that I did not know how to pull together and keep consistent throughout the house. She was there every step of the way to guide us with her expertise - ranging from those selections I initially hired her for, through so many details in every aspect of the home’s design. Our relationship has been ongoing now for over two years.

Along with Anita, I've come to depend on the very capable and friendly Dawson Design Group team. Like Anita, they are all extremely responsive and they have a great sense of style in all genres. They have a vast knowledge of all types of products and materials. When I couldn’t find a particular item they always seemed to have the resource to find what I had envisioned, and often made recommendations for better products that I didn’t know existed or wouldn’t have even considered. Not only has this given our home a unique flair, but has also saved us a significant amount of money. In addition, they have a large network of the most capable subcontractors that have done great work in our home. 

Having worked with good designers on past projects, the Dawson Design Group is clearly a step above and I think it would be difficult to find a better design team."

NEW CONSTRUCTION – LA JOLLA      ASID Design Impact Award 2016


"I enlisted Anita’s services based on a recommendation from my architect. She is capable of designing a modern look and incorporating it into a classic design without having the house look mismatched or inappropriate. I was very impressed with her ideas and the new materials she uses, some of which I haven't seen anywhere before. She also has a unique talent of taking input from two spouses and integrating the ideas so both are happy with the result. She listened carefully to our needs and took them into consideration while designing the layout. We are very happy and very satisfied with Anita's efforts."

MAJOR REMODEL – LA COSTA      ASID Design Excellence Award 2014, San Diego Home/Garden: Home of the Year 2015

"Anita was able to put in practice what we had in mind. She is flexible when possible but firm when necessary. The result was great and to our complete satisfaction. Clean lines and excellent taste for colors. We felt that Anita and her team became part of our family."


"I can't say enough positive things about Anita Dawson and her team. They are magnificent. Most importantly, they are down-to-earth and incredibly easy to work with. They aren't pretentious like many designers out there. They are interested in doing good work and good design and can keep to a budget. They are incredibly creative and can think outside of the box, and because they do this well, they don't simply pick the most expensive items but the items that work best within your budget. Their aesthetic isn't froufrou but elegant, fun and interesting. We absolutely loved working with them."

NEW CONSTRUCTION – DEL MAR MESA      ASID Design Excellence Award 2014

"I had the pleasure of working with Anita and her team from the architecture planning stages through to the finish. We worked together for over a year to complete our project and her talents are endless. She is experienced with auto cad and can provide input to the architect that really helped bring our project together. It is extremely important to develop a team up front on a project and we did just that. Anita designed our 5,300-square-foot contemporary home that gets rave reviews from all our friends. She really has an eye for color, space planning, and material selections. When it came to the furnishings, I really had to trust her judgment because I was not able to see all her recommendations in person before purchase. With all her selections, she exceeded my expectations and within my budget. She was an excellent team member who works well with others. She was punctual, fun, collaborative and a very honest person. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. I consider her to be a dear friend after this project."

NEW CONSTRUCTION – ENCINITAS       San Diego Home/Garden: Home of the Year 2017



MASTER SUITE REMODEL – POINT LOMA San Diego Home/Garden: Bath of the Year 2013


"I live in a 4,500-square-foot condo that, after 18 years, was in need of some serious renovating. I had just lost my husband and my friends cautioned me against starting the project so soon after his death. My contractor introduced me to Anita and I knew from our first meeting that she was someone I’d be comfortable working with. After some bad memories of design work in the past my experience with Anita proved to be the best therapy I could have had. Anita has a background in Art and Drafting and presented me with professional looking color boards that included sketches of the rooms with samples of the materials to be used. They gave me a visual understanding of where we were headed and the concept of my new home took shape. 

There was camaraderie between Anita and the crew; she has a way of getting the best from every one on the job. The finished project reflects her many talents. I have a very livable, comfortable new home and her ideas for the condo turned it into a showplace."